Paweł Spychalski

Passionate programmer with 8+ years of experience in creating web and mobile applications.

About me

I am a programmer with a passion for the craft, I have honed my skills through years of dedicated learning and hands-on experience. My expertise spans across various programming languages, such as Python, PHP, and JavaScript, allowing me to tackle diverse projects. Continuously staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies, I have developed a keen ability to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of software development.

My love for programming extends beyond my professional life, as I actively participate in the developer community through open-source contributions, attending meetups, and engaging in online forums. I also dedicate time to mentor aspiring developers, sharing my knowledge and helping them grow in the field. In my spare time, I enjoy embarking on personal projects, experimenting with new tools, and pushing the boundaries of my abilities.

My unwavering enthusiasm for programming and commitment to excellence have earned me a reputation for delivering high-quality, reliable software solutions that exceed client expectations. I take pride in my ability to collaborate effectively with team members, problem-solve under pressure, and consistently deliver projects on time and within budget.

Jobs history

Below, you’ll find a detailed overview of my career journey, highlighting the pivotal steps and milestones that have shaped my professional development. This summary offers a comprehensive understanding of my growth as a developer and the experiences that have contributed to my success.


Beyond the experiences outlined above, my career story also encompasses numerous years spent freelancing and running my own business. These entrepreneurial ventures have allowed me to further broaden my skillset and gain valuable insights into various industries. To learn more about these aspects of my professional journey, please visit my LinkedIn profile, where I have shared a more in-depth account of my freelance and entrepreneurial experiences.




My technologies

I possess expertise in numerous technologies, encompassing web development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (React.js or Vue.js), backend development with PHP, Python, and Node.js, as well as database administration involving SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL) and NoSQL (Elasticsearch, MongoDB) systems. Additionally, my skill set extends to mobile app development, where I employ platforms like React Native and Android (Java) to deliver smooth, cross-platform experiences.


In addition to my core expertise in programming languages and technologies, I have a strong command of various supplementary tools and frameworks, such as Terraform for infrastructure as code, SCSS for advanced styling, and HTML5 and CSS3 for modern web design. My familiarity with project management tools like Jira and Confluence make me a well-rounded developer, capable of adapting to diverse projects and challenges.

Team leading

I excel at motivating and guiding team members to work cohesively towards shared goals. My strong communication skills enable me to foster an environment of transparency and collaboration, where all members feel empowered to contribute their ideas and expertise. With a focus on achieving project milestones and maintaining high-quality standards, I have consistently demonstrated the ability to effectively delegate tasks, manage resources, and troubleshoot issues to ensure the successful delivery of software projects.

In the realm of team leading, effective management of processes, oversight of team performance, and the well-being of team members are all crucial components for success. Adept at prioritizing tasks and streamlining workflows, a proficient team leader ensures that projects remain on track, while fostering a positive work environment that boosts morale and productivity. By paying close attention to team dynamics and promptly addressing any concerns or conflicts, a team leader maintains a harmonious atmosphere conducive to collaboration. Furthermore, understanding and safeguarding business processes allows for the seamless alignment of team efforts with organizational objectives, resulting in a high level of efficiency and overall project success.

Throughout my career as a team leader, I have successfully managed teams ranging from 5 to 25 members, adeptly handling diverse roles and responsibilities. My experience extends beyond professional projects, as I have also organized volunteer initiatives, where I took charge of managing teams of up to 50 individuals. These opportunities have allowed me to refine my leadership skills, demonstrating my ability to adapt to various team sizes and dynamics while consistently ensuring efficient and effective project execution.


Below, you will find a selection of testimonials from my LinkedIn profile, showcasing feedback from both supervisors and colleagues I have worked with on various projects.

Paweł is one of those programmers who take care of the project holistically starting from the initial analysis, through business and technical recommendations, making sure all the bits and pieces work together perfectly. He is a natural leader with emotional intelligence who sees the importance of relations in the team.
Anna Maślisz
Polcode, Delivery Team Lead
I had the pleasure of working together on a project. It was a pleasure to work with Paweł. He has very well-developed analytical skills, great frontend knowledge. You can see that programming is his passion. While working on one project, we exchanged knowledge and various insights into the intricacies of the project, I could always count on help and substantive conversation. Privately a nice, good, polite man, I hope that we will still meet in a joint project.
Paweł Wasilonek
Polcode, Front-end Developer
One of the most talented developers that I worked with. Great analyst, problem solver and a true team player.
Mikołaj Brach
Polcode, Sales


Below, you can find a showcase of some of the projects I have successfully completed or be a part of for various companies, illustrating the breadth of my experience and expertise.


Stuff renting application | MountDevs

Next.js | Redux | Laravel | MUI | PostgreSQL


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